Anything But Ordinary

Not your average junior

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elletheanon asked: Your strength shines through even when you don't think it does. :)

Aww. Thank you! I think we’re going to be great friends Elle..

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Another moan escaped Danny’s mouth. His tongue met Ethan’s, smiling when the boy moaned. He moved his hands lower down Ethan’s waist, so that his right hand was now in Ethan’s back pocket.

Ethan’s other hand, the one not in Danny’s hair, traced a line down the center of his torso, keeping the kiss connected the whole time. Evan nipped gently at a spot just under Danny’s ear, testing out reactions as his thumbs traced a small line above the top of his pants.

Danny groaned as Evan teased him. He swiped his tongue against the top of Ethan’s mouth, smiling into the kiss. “I love you,” He murmured into the kiss.

Ethan moaned quietly at the feeling of Danny’s tongue, taking in a sharp breath. Evan nipped at his neck a little sharper. Simultaneously, the two said, “I love you too,” just as quietly.

Danny smiled at Ethan’s moan. He took in a sharp breath at Evan. “I was the guy you were talking about before, that you took those pictures for, right?” He mumbled.

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